Saturday, April 07, 2012

Life is priceless

I never imagined how my feelings would be, knowing that my own safety was on the stake. I had an accident 2 days ago, on my way to work. I still don't know why or how, but I was hit while driving at 90km/h and I momentarily lost control on the car, going left and right. These few seconds were like eternity. I didn't panic, I didn't have the flashback thoughts like in the movies, when someone is about to die. All my thoughts were focusing on regaining control of the car and keeping it steady in a straight line. I wasn't sure if it was due to impact or something in the ground or a tire that exploded and I was just preparing myself for the final stop or crash.
Thank God, I didn't hit anything else on the left side, only the back and the right.  I can't tell whose fault it is, I don't remember all the details of how this happened in the first place. All i know is that i was lucky that i'm unharmed.
I'm just starting to realise that I owe to God and to the car for my safety. The car could have flipped with such a hit by a lorry. I could have hit the fence on the side road (although i was in middle lane) or hit other cars all along. I am thinking what would have happened if... I don't want to be negative but I can't help myself to question, was it only cos it wasn't yet my time, or cos I did at least have good reflexes and didn't panic.

Life is priceless, God granted us life and health. We should be thankful and try to make the best use of it for the greater good. We should appreciate every moment and fight for it. Life is not taken for granted. It can be stolen in few seconds any time, anywhere so it should not be wasted for nothing.


  1. Yes, Agree, it's priceless, and as long as we breath we should do things, explore with passion & help others.

    We all thank God you're ok :)

  2. 7amdela 3al Salama ya Froggy!
    And thank God for not panicking.. I think this is the pivot for anybody's safety :)

  3. Thanks.. and i got my lovely car back too :)
    you are right, not panicking is very important