Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip to Wadi Degla

Last week i went to a hiking trip to Wadi Degla with SS group.
Wadi Degla is a place worth to visit. It is not very far from Cairo but it's completely as if going to a different planet. The whole trip was amazing, there are no words to describe such a place. At first, as i've been before to this place, i thought it would be the same thing but i was totally wrong. Nothing was the same. I discovered that i was capable to endure such trips, to go up and down the hill, to walk and contemplate the nature.
At a certain moment, we stopped and had few moments to contemplate the nature without speaking. I should say it was a strange feeling to listen to the voice of Silence.. to be one with the nature, to communicate with the soul. Our every day life erase this from our mind. The sound of the living city is the normal thing. The sound of TV at home, family talking, telephone ringing.. those are the normal things. But Silence? what is that strange word. In our world it means saying nothing but still it's not complete silence, it's only silence of the mouth. the other Silence i experienced is like a void pulling u from anything else, like a black hole.
I wish i can do this more often. I need to talk with my inner soul. I hope u can experience this feeling at least once in ur life time.

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