Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My laptop is a TERRORIST

For those who use the underground these days, they have probably noticed the increased security, searching bags for people going inside..
This is good, i don't mind it since it concerns the safety of people and it is the normal thing now in the world, though sometimes it makes me feel that we live in an insecure world.
After finishing something in Dokki, i headed to the metro station over there... i was stopped by a guy asking to look in the bag i carry, which i got used to it lately.. the guy ironically asked me what is this, laptop? i afirmed it, so he told me it is prohibited.. what? he offered me to go to talk with the officer inside. so i went, since i won't lose a thing... anyway i headed to the office where he was sitting, i asked him why is that, he just said we got orders and we have to obey them. so i just told them they should tell that people are upset with this decision but i guess the mentality won't change, orders are to be followed not discussed.
i left the station, very furious, but i decided not to just give up. i decided to take the risk so i walked to the following station at the opera. it isn't very far and i used to walk that distance though i was tired carrying my laptop bag under the sun (i'm still so red after my one day trip to Alex). on my way i was thinking what if i face the same situation and they don't allow me to go in, then i would have done all this for nothing, why not just take a taxi to home... but i just kept walking. i finally arrived at the opera station, i entered without being stopped by anyone, not even searching my bag!!!
i was relieved but, if there were orders, shouldn't they be followed without exceptions everywhere? isn't the opera an important place or cos rarely people use that station?
lot of questions but above all, how far things can go? will we face the day we won't be able to walk on the street cos we r afraid? will the day come when everyone is supsected till he proves the contrary? is the world going to be more crazy than it is right now?

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  1. I will not try to answer the few questions in the buttom of your post

    just think what if you met the same guy in the other station? they would probably have suspected you truely this time :)

    it happened with a friend of mine, he met two police guys after midnight in a dark street in misr el gededa, they asked him for his ID so he told them he is an army officer and showed them his id, they told him to avoid this place becuase there is some threats in this location and the police is everywhere

    after few minutes , while he was hanging out they met him again at a different place, this time they took him to the police station where he had a fight with the police officers and it was a big issue there :D