Friday, April 06, 2007

stories and thoughts

a little girl, in the metro, with her mom and younger sister. the first thing she did when she opened package of buiscuits is giving a piece to a little boy sitting with his mom next to her.

i had a day off yesterday. i took advantage to do some errands. it took me hours but i enjoyed it. walking in the street, the sun is shining (even if it was very hot), walking on the Kasr El Nil bridge.. it has been long time since i did something similar, i forgot the feeling of freedom (freedom from life).

I went out with my friends yesterday night. They made a surprise for me and another friend, for our birthdays. i was touched, not cos of the surprise, but cos even though life takes us apart, we r still trying to stay in touch.

I decided to change the way i live. Lately i was caught in the routine of work-home, i forgot things i used to enjoy. I was full of energy, now i feel like i'm empty person. It's time to open a new page in my life.

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