Friday, May 26, 2006

hi from abidjan

i'm currently in cote d'ivoire for work. i don't have time to post, i'll post about my trip when back in cairo after 10 days
so take care till then


  1. Have a nice trip and come back safe.

  2. une blog en francais aussi en anglais mais il y a pas des postes en arabe ... pouquoi ??
    tu sais je peux comprendre le francais aussi l'anglais mais j'aime ecrire en arabe en ne peut pas traduire les sentiments avec une langue etrangere ... aw 3al a2al ana keda
    terga3y bel salama ...

  3. eyewitness:
    well it is taking more than expected, it is my second extra week in abidjan, then going for one week to togo...

    i post in english cos not all my friends know arabic, and i would like to share it with them too.
    as about my other blog in french, it is only for poems i write, and i write usually in french.. maybe cos of habit, it started cos participating in competitions in french cultural center..
    anyway ahlan wa sahlan in all my blogs